10 Best Golf Swing App For Android

Updated on: December 2023

Best Golf Swing App For Android in 2023

V1 Golf for Android

V1 Golf for Android
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Golf Field Champ

Golf Field Champ
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Features of this Golf Field Champ game:
  • - We have put the best collection of Golf Field Champ video
  • - You can save all this awesome Golf Field Champ image and becomes your wallpaper
  • - Easy to handleplay and FREE to Download

WGT Golf

WGT Golf
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Unlock over 15 free championship golf courses in realistic HD including Pebble Beach, Chambers Bay, St. Andrew's, and many more
  • Multiplayer head-to-head stroke play competition against friends or other players with live chat and competitive leaderboards
  • Single-player full 18-hole stroke play and 9-hole closest-to-the hole golf games
  • Choose from a full set of free virtual golf equipment including driver, woods, hybrid, irons, wedges, putter and ball and top brands including Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, and TaylorMade
  • Join virtual country clubs for private tournaments

Cartoon Mini Golf 3D

Cartoon Mini Golf 3D
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • 18 holes mini golf course
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Beautiful sceneries
  • Varying obstacles and difficulty
  • Great physics implementation

Blast Golf Swing Trainer | Analyzes Swing | Tracks Stroke Metrics | Video Capture Creates Highlights |App Enabled, iOS and Android Compatible | Golf Channel Academy Official Technology Partner

Blast Golf Swing Trainer | Analyzes Swing | Tracks Stroke Metrics | Video Capture Creates Highlights |App Enabled, iOS and Android Compatible | Golf Channel Academy Official Technology Partner
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Blast Golf is the complete swing and stroke solution for golfers at every level. Blast Golf takes your game to another level with accurate metrics and valuable insights, used by the best golf coaches and players in the world.
  • BLAST ATHLETES - Over 200 players & their coaches on the PGA, European, Champions, LPGA, and Web.com tours trust Blast Golf as a must have tool in their daily toolbox. Simple to use, with game changing results.
  • EASY TO USE the Blast sensor attaches to the end of any club. Blast’s natural motion capture allows golfers to swing the club or roll some putts and forget about the technology.
  • SMART VIDEO CAPTURE – Record and automatically clip video of each swing. View andanalyze your swing in slow motion with metrics overlaid. Leverage the in-app Training Center for tips and drills from expert coaches and PGA Tour Players.
  • CAPTURE AND ANALYZE – Full swing and putting stroke metrics for every shot. Track performance and gain valuable insights about swing tendencies

Flick Golf

Flick Golf
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Try to shoot the perfect score in Quickshot mode.
  • Play World Tour, from the USA’s West Coast to Japan in the Far East.
  • Varying wind from the lightest breeze, to full on gales!
  • Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control.
  • Stunningly realised 3D environments.

The Golf Swing!

The Golf Swing!
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023

Handicap: Golf Tracker Pro

Handicap: Golf Tracker Pro
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • Comprehensive options to record all your vital golf stats
  • Export feature backs up your golf stats, from rounds to course notes
  • Extensive help menu guides you through the features


BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • 1) Awesome tips to find that perfect golf swing revealed!
  • 2) Take note from anywhere, anytime easily with Note feature.
  • 3) QR code, and bar code scanner feature.
  • 4) New year countdown timer and many more.

Forest Golf Poker Free Outdoor Golfer Swing Poker Games Free for Kindle Fire HD HDx Poker Offline Texas Challenge Best Poker Games Card Games No Wifi or Internet Play Poker Free for Kindle Best Poker Games

Forest Golf Poker Free Outdoor Golfer Swing Poker Games Free for Kindle Fire HD HDx  Poker Offline Texas Challenge Best Poker Games Card Games No Wifi or Internet Play Poker Free for Kindle Best Poker Games
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Play with unique poker jackpot action in style with top new Las Vegas casino poker game on Amazon! Try the #1 original classic free poker game for 2015 on mobile and get to play the real poker! Forest Golf Poker Free Outdoor Golfer Swing Poker Games Free for Kindle Fire HD HDx Poker Offline Texas Challenge Best Poker Games Card Games No Wifi or Internet Play Poker Free for Kindle Best Poker Games is here!
  • Beautiful design and sounds with intuitive play. Fast and compatible with Kindle Fire HD, HDX and tablets Fall in love with this fun free poker games app bonanza and win pandora's big pay out blitz celebration with poker cards multiplier for my phone. Get the party started!
  • Get ready for new lucky daily bonuses as you play a single poker card saga rounds. Step up and claim your fun bonuses as you rush 2 real casino poker speed and win more coins / rounds, achieve high diamonds payouts and blast your entertainment to a total mania!
  • Free wins and huge easy play like if you had to spin the wheel for the ultimate daily deals of fortune, as a bigg epic bash while you play for full joy madness. Never spend coins to unlock more poker cards and win wild bonus with no need for chip or money games. Full free poker games for you!
  • Shoot only for the best 777 bonus poker games as you transformers mini games and build your powerups bonus round. Get on a lucky winning streak and workout multiple video slots rooms available soon! Crush your high bets and doubledown and dash on multiline mega bets for giant power up wins party bash all day and night for free!
  • Jump into the real game of poker and play big USA design styles and rooms with jackpot party wins and multi-millions to win in terms of fun. Increase your chances of winning in this new poker with slotomania speed and insane math intuitive factors! There is absolutely no way you cannot hit the jackpot and be rich in fun. Practice makes perfect and whits poker jewel is made for you to turn into a crack at quick poker winnings as you boost fever and lots of dealer flow with custom features to customize poker game like you want.
  • Featuring full themes, this Las Vegas style poker combines the classic and favorites of all time. Try your poker luck with deep dive fish, casino royal myvegas, lovely gorgeous romance, Egypt pharaoh’s coins, mega power titan proof riches, the classic wizard of oz and alice in wonderland, space quest galaxy world, wild jungle buffalo pop, longhorn candy casino, wolf soda luck, and more specials in a heaven for poker players all over the world!
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  • We keep updating our apps and we will upgrade soon for all those tycoons who wish to have the best poker experience. Get easy sharing features and share with friends via Facebook and Twitter with some taps.
  • Get easy poker craziness and play offline or online. A new way to play poker where you can play with no wifi and without internet connection. The classic poker games apps is here and yes, you don't need internet. Get it today and start playing an easy pokerfree!

Dog Fighting App Featuring Harrison Ford & Snoop Dogg!

Android dog fighting app features Harrison Ford and Snoop Dogg as a playable characters.

Each player starts the game by choosing a persona. There are several to choose from, with pictures and descriptions of their personalities as follows:

The Icon - You've gone head to head with the hottest rappers in the game, but still haven't blown up. Street cred turns gold records platinum and might be the missing link for your hip hop takeover. It's time to show the world how hood you really are.

The Kid - Young, but a natural... and family-schooled in the game. Loyal and clean as a whistle, you've spent enough time in the shadows... known as "the kid", but you'll be "the man" on the streets. Stack some paper.

The Hustler - Once a hustler always a hustler... there's a million ways to get that cheddar - but the pits are your digs. After catching a case and serving three in the pen, you think you still got what it takes.

The Athlete (a football player) - Growing up in the hood gave you the courage to become great on the grid iron. It also exposed you to some dark sports. Now that the days of scoring touchdowns are behind, you're looking for a thrill to fill the void.

The Gangster (portrayed by an image of Snoop Dogg) - Tradition never graduates, and neither did you. Nearly a celebrity at the county jail, dogfighting is low key compared to your usual hood rat things.

The Trainer - Most can't teach an old dog new tricks, but YOU can. With bills piling up, it's time to get you back in the game. A good dog mixed with your training skills just might be your meal ticket.

The Politician (portrayed by an image of Harrison Ford) - You've got enough dirt on local officials to almost get away with murder - and you live like it. The booze and women are just getting played out. Maybe it's time for a new hobby... and some new enemies.

*All descriptions were pulled directly from Dog Wars, mistakes and typos included.

Players keep track of their stats: money, street cred, police heat and experience, as well as their dog's stats: health, strength, aggression and intelligence. They can buy food, ranging from dry dog food to raw meat to feed their dogs. They can also purchase training equipment to prepare the dogs for fighting, steroids to give them a boost during fights and first aid kits to patch up the wounded animals after fights. These details have thousands calling for the app to be pulled from Google's Android market.

While this game is pretty black and white, as far as the premise goes, I am curious about something. How do Harrison Ford and Snoop Dogg feel about their images being used in this game?* Do they even know about it? Are they getting any of the profits from it? Do they themselves support dog fighting? Despite the Athlete football player in the game, Michael Vick has already gone on record condemning this game, claiming to be on the right side of the issue this time. And what about the other people who's images were used in the making of this game? Are they being given part of the profits? Do they even know that their images are being used? If not, they may want to contact their lawyers as soon as possible.

As a human being and Pit Bull owner, I am disgusted by this game's promotion of such a brutal and illegal activity that causes so much damage to these wonderful animals and their reputation. However, as a writer and avid gamer, I am a firm believer in our rights to free speech and expression, especially in gaming, where we are permitted to do things in a fantasy world that we would never do in real life. The controversy over Grand Theft Auto instantly comes to mind. So, despite my love for these dogs and my hatred for dog fighting and those that promote it... I must, in the end, respect the fact that Kage Games has the right to create and market this game, no matter how distasteful I may find it.

There are thousands of games, songs, movies, writers, comedians, actors and television shows that large groups of people find offensive, and they have no problem complaining about it and insisting that the offensive material be canceled, banned, burned, etc. I am of the opinion that this is America, where thousands have fought and died so that we don't have to be afraid of saying, drawing, writing or painting whatever we wish, and we haven't the right to take that away from anyone. The solution to this problem is simple. If you don't like the game, don't play it. If you don't like the movie, don't watch it. If the television show offends you, change the channel. If this writer is making you angry, stop reading.

In the end, this is just a game. These are digital dogs. No real animals are being hurt. Just like no real people are killed in Call of Duty. No real hookers get beaten up in Grand Theft Auto. No real zombies are decapitated in Evil Dead: Fist Full of Boomstick. I know some of you are going to interpret this as me supporting Kage Games and Dog Wars, but I must make it clear that I am not. I am only supporting their rights and those of every free-thinking American. BUT... That doesn't mean I can't hope that Snoop Dogg and Harrison Ford sick their high priced attorneys on Kage Games. Get 'em boys! And, as usual, I welcome any hate/fan mail and/or commentary you all may want to send my way because I believe you have every right to. I might not read, respond to or like it, but you are free to send it.

* To see the specific image of Snoop Dogg used in the game, click this link.

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