4 Best Indoor Putting Green Golf Digest

Updated on: December 2023

Best Indoor Putting Green Golf Digest in 2023

77tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aid Equipment Mat (4x10ft)

77tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aid Equipment Mat (4x10ft)
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • High quality Golf putting Green surface designed to stay smooth.Easy to clean, life of up to 5-8 years with good care
  • The premium back will eliminate folds and creases in the putting green surface. This putting mat is ideal for indoor and outdoor residential or office use.
  • Product uses: EVA high elastic back of the plastic, short grass greens 1cm / border 5cm long grass
  • 10mm Synthetic Grass 30mm two Tone Grass 10mm thickness Rubber Foam base
  • Size:4ft x 10ft (1.2mx3m) with 3 sets of Golf Hole Cups&Flags

KOMEI Indoor Golf Putting Green - Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function - Mini Golf Practice Training Aid, Game and Gift for Home, Office, Outdoor Use (9.8 Feet)

KOMEI Indoor Golf Putting Green - Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function - Mini Golf Practice Training Aid, Game and Gift for Home, Office, Outdoor Use (9.8 Feet)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • 10 foot indoor putting green with continuous automatic ball return for developing accuracy and control
  • Our best indoor putting mat set comes with 3 bonus practice balls so that you don't need to buy extra accessories, gadgets, or equipment. Plus, it's easy to assemble design means that you can start to play in an instant!
  • With KOMEI golf putting mat, the ball rolls back and you don't have to waste time in getting the ball back repeatedly so that you can focus all your energy on playing!
  • True-roll surface and upslope at the cup emulate putts found on actual greens Measures 9.8 feet x 17 inches; great for use at home or office
  • Gift an at-home portable golf court for the men, women & kids in your life. They will love playing with it in the backyard or lawn. Help them improve their putting game by practicing with our mat. [Note:] Package does not include golf pens

Putting Green Indoor Mat- Improve Your Putting Stroke and Lower Scores - Zero Bumps and Creases, Thick and Wide Surface

Putting Green Indoor Mat- Improve Your Putting Stroke and Lower Scores - Zero Bumps and Creases, Thick and Wide Surface
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • ★HIGH QUALITY: Made of high-quality materials, which can simulate the real golf course texture, the back is made of non-slip PVE, and pays great attention to details.
  • ★BRING FUN: By practicing golf at your favorite time and place, you can enjoy golf and become an outstanding golfer. Its smooth surface provides true scrolling and speed. The uniquely shaped putting green has three recessed holes that allow you to practice your putting from various positions.
  • ★WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: If you want to improve your putting, our indoor putting green is designed to help you improve your putting posture, speed, post-swing and follow-up. Ideal for serious players practicing slotted solid shots. Ideal for golf lovers to wander around the house to provide hours of entertainment.
  • ★REAL EXPERIENCE: Our indoor / outdoor putter pads measure 9.8 x 3 feet and are slightly uphill. Even if you are just playing at home, office or indoor, you can add texture and natural golf course feel to the pads, backyard, garage Or living room.
  • ★100% SATISFACTION: Whenever you buy, we believe that you will not let you down, you will be very satisfied, all you need to do is put it in the shopping cart.

Laser Putt golf putting aid

Laser Putt golf putting aid
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • GOLF DIGEST named it the No.1 Putting Aid in Golf!
  • Over 100 PGA Tour Pros "fine tune" their putting skills with Laser Putt!
  • WINNERS of all 4 Majors and 3 FedEx Cups... are using this product in 2017!!
  • Green Laser = "Laser Chalk Line" ====>> Red Laser = "Target Tool"
  • Attaches to ANY putter. ***Watch Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIXiO16-KQ0 ... ***Comes with 40-inch Putting Mat and Velvet Carry Bag!

Workplace Health and Safety Considerations for the Golf Course Superintendent

A breakdown of the various considerations involved when implementing and assessing the safety of your workplace.

Information Board and Record Keeping

A health and safety information board should be prominently displayed in an area that is accessible by all staff and large enough to hold a number of posters, memos and communication sheets. Posted items should include things like safe lifting techniques, heat stress information, poisonous/ dangerous plant/ animal information, health and safety meeting minutes, and emergency action plans and procedures to name but a few.

MSDS information sheets should be collected, updated, and stored in a designated area where they are accessible to all employees.

MSDS sheets are required to be kept for all chemical products that are used on the premises, regardless of frequency.

Records must be kept of all workplace injuries and incidents that occur on the property, in both the individual staff file and the permanent golf course health and safety records.

Injury/incident records must be kept for a minimum of five years.

A summary of injuries and incidents are to be updated and posted on the health and safety board.

A staff member should be designated as a health and safety representative and regular meetings should be scheduled and maintained.

All staff should be fully trained on all equipment that they operate and each person should be signed off on such training.

All safety audits or inspections should be documented.

First Aid

Certified first aid supplies should be stocked and available to all staff.

Any areas where a staff member may encounter injurious or corrosive chemicals must have an area in immediate proximity where the affected person can rinse their body and eyes thoroughly.

Operations Building

Storage rooms, passageways, and work areas must be kept clean and free of obstructions.

All floor surfaces must be kept clean and dry. ( if wet, a sign must be in place)

Exit points must not be blocked, locked, or fastened from the inside.

Exit points must be of sufficient width to allow for different size individuals.

All exits must be clearly indicated with illumination where feasible.

Work areas should have at least two exits available at all times.

Replacement bulbs for illuminated exit signs must be kept in stock.

Any lofts or mezzanine areas with openings must have railings in place.

Permanent staircases must have hand rails that run the entire flight.

Materials and Equipment Stored in Operations

Approved containers must be available for any flammable materials.

Oil absorbent products must be available for spill management.

An approved oil rag container must be available for used rags.

All welding related equipment must be inspected annually.

Welding tanks must be stored upright, secured, and be in good working condition.

Oxygen and acetylene tanks must be stored separately.

Portable power tools must have three pronged, grounded wires and plugs.

Lock Out procedures must be in place and tags available for all unsafe equipment.

All equipment that requires Personal Protective Equipment must have the appropriate items available at the machine or unit.

Ladders must be stored in a safe and secure manner and have non-slip steps.

Dust and Fume Inhalation Precautions

Exhaust fans must be installed and in good working order in any areas where fumes or dust are issues.

Correct respirators must be provided and available in any areas where spray paint or other inhalation hazards are present.

Staff must be properly trained in the use of respirators and be signed off on such training.

Respirators need to be inspected on a regular preventative basis, and be disinfected with alcohol wipes after each use. After proper cleaning the respirators need to be stored in air-tight containers such as Tupperware or

Zip Lock bags to avoid latent contamination.

All exhaust fans should have protective guards in place with openings of no more than 0.5 inch or 13mm wide.

In any areas where batteries are refilled or serviced, proper protective equipment must be provided.

Fire Protection

Fire extinguishers must be clearly mounted and visible to all staff and visitors.

Monthly inspections of extinguishers should be performed and documented.

Any electrical receptacles that are abandoned or unused should be covered.

All extension cords must be approved for the function they are serving and be inspected for any fraying or damage.

Electrical junction boxes and fuse boxes should be intact and not left open or exposed in any manner.

Electrical panel door should be in functioning condition with no damage present.

A sprinkler system should be present and in working condition in all appropriate areas.

Smoke detectors and heat detectors should be connected to a security monitoring system.

While helpful, this list should be cross referenced with regulations and laws that apply to your particular state, province, territory, or country to ensure that your workplace is fully compliant. Remember that a healthy and safe work environment promotes healthy and happy staff that feel comfortable performing their duties. Be certain to stay on top of your health and safety program as inspections can occur at any time.



Introduction to Health and Safety at Work 2020, By Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett

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