10 Best Xbox Golf Game

Updated on: December 2023

Best Xbox Golf Game in 2023

The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One

The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour - Xbox One
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Electronic Arts Sports: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour - Xbox One

Electronic Arts Sports: Rory McIlroy PGA Tour - Xbox One
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Golf Wide Open: Break free from what you think a golf game can be. Frostbite creates a new world, where you experience every detail – breathing life into the courses, players and crowds in ways you’ve never seen before. All this, with no load times between holes or interruptions in the action. Allowing you to enjoy your game the way you want.
  • Golf Your Way: Hit the perfect shot and golf your way with three unique swing mechanics and fully customizable gameplay styles.
  • Golf With Personality: Take a step off the traditional cart path and play with big personalities on even BIGGER Fantasy Courses.

The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition - Xbox One

The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition - Xbox One
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Career Mode! - Progress by winning, earning money, and buying into more prestigious golf societies/clubhouses, facing more difficult competition as you rise to the top
  • Online Golf Societies - Online clans for you and your friends to compete in, either against each other and/or against other clans. Includes customizable clubhouse to show off status
  • Compete online in full seasons and major tournaments, either by yourself or with your Golf Society
  • Full Practice Range including driving range, putting green, chipping green, and Sandbox Mode. Features real-time feedback and stat tracking to help improve your skills
  • Improved course creator with even more props, tools, and the addition of crowds for a more immersive golfing experience

Powerstar Golf - Xbox One Digital Code

Powerstar Golf - Xbox One Digital Code
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023

The Golf Club 2019 (Xbox One)

The Golf Club 2019 (Xbox One)
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
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The Golf Club: Collector's Edition - Xbox One

The Golf Club: Collector's Edition - Xbox One
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Greg Norman Course Designer - anyone can create the course they want to play, then share across platforms for a competitive multiplayer experience with friends Online
  • Content - a growing community for players to continue to improve their game and build their own courses and get them handicap rated for official tournaments
  • Shot Modification - whether needing to hit a high fade or a punch it low, shot modification has your back where you can adjust to fit the need of any lie
  • Open Course play - Slice, hook, and Shank your way into any lie on any hole with no restrictions as to where the ball can go
  • Play in the Cloud - no loading time between shots or holes; finish a round in under 30 min

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 - Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 - Xbox 360
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 support, which allows for motion and voice control capabilities on the course.
  • Improve your game with a true-to-life golf swing. Experience authentic golf that emulates your swing style as you drive the ball down the fairway or sink a 30 foot putt.
  • For one week each spring, golf's greatest players from around the world gather on the sacred grounds of Augusta National Golf Club and now you can take part in one the greatest traditions in sports, the Masters Tournament.
  • Take on the best of the best on some of the world's most celebrated championship golf courses around the globe, including the St. Andrews Links, Pebble Beach Golf Links, TPC Sawgrass and many more.
  • Invite friends to join exclusive online country clubs and team up to gain quicker access to downloadable features or compete against other club members for the coveted Club Championship.

NBA 2K19 - Xbox One

NBA 2K19 - Xbox One
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • Nba 2k celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be, from best in class graphics & gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immersive open world “neighborhood"
  • NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real life basketball excitement and culture

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters - Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters - Xbox 360
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • For the first time ever in Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise history, players will now be able to compete at Augusta National Golf Club.
  • Relive and play through memorable, historic moments of the Masters. Take the challenge and see where you measure up against the greats who have played in this legendary tournament.
  • Over 20 professional golfers to choose from, including Zach Johnson (2007 Masters Champion) and Bubba Watson (2010 Ryder Cup - Team USA).
  • Play like a true pro with a caddie alongside, assisting and supporting your every swing. The caddie will evaluate all pre-shot factors, such as wind, lie, and yardage, to provide a recommended shot.
  • Enjoy new features like Fast Golf which allow you to complete a full round in half the time. The new save system provides the flexibility to save, and later resume, your round at any point.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Xbox 360
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Tiger Woods Comes Alive - See and feel every emotion in complete detail with the introduction of all-new Universal Capture (UCAP) technology. The world's No. 1 golfer seems so real you won't believe your eyes
  • Play under pressure, with bigger galleries, mass crowd movement from hole to hole, and cheers from nearby greens
  • From working on your driving to mastering your putting skills, craft your game with training challenges in the Practice Facility
  • Take on the world's best golfers on the World Tour
  • All-new championship courses, including Firestone Country Club, Glen Abbey, Princeville, Spyglass Hill, St Andrews, and Bandon Dunes

San Juan: A Fun Card Game Based on Building Buildings

The basic strategy of this game sounds simple, to earn the most points. The strategy and gameplay on the other hand is complex.

The game consists of 110 cards. All of these are different types of buildings. The basic ones will be used to produce a variety of resources. The thing you need to remember is that cards are not only buildings, but each is also a unit of money. So to build a building you need to spend cards from your hand. As you get to more advanced buildings the more they will cost. The good news though is there are basically four levels of buildings. The first level as I mentioned are the producers. The second level have special features which will be useful to you throughout the game, and are also worth victory points. The final two levels of buildings are each useless as far as functionality but they produce large amounts of victory points.

I am not going to get too in depth into all the different types of buildings and mechanics of trading, earning cards, etc. Each of the first two levels of buildings do something different and these could take pages to describe and listing them would bore you to death. Instead I'll explain how each round works. The first person starts by choosing a role and it goes around to the next player on the left to choose a role and this continues until everyone has a role card. Something to remember is everyone gets a chance to perform the role that round, but the person that has the card gets a bonus ability since they chose the role. I will try to give you a brief explanation of each role.

The builder role allows you to play one of your cards in your hand as a building and use other cards in your hand to pay for it. The person that has this role will spend one unit less than normally required to build their building. A producer role allows you to use your building to produce goods. The person with this role will be allowed to produce one extra good. A trader role allows you to "sell" your goods for cards. Each person is allowed to sell one good, but the person with the trader role gets to sell two goods. The Councillor role allows everyone to draw two cards and discard the one of the two they don't want. The person with that role gets to draw five cards and keep the one they want discarding the rest. Okay, I lied, there is one role which does not allow everyone an action. That is the prospector role, whoever gets this role gets a free card and nobody else gets one for that role.

You will notice as I said I'm not going into all the specifics of the rules, this is because there is a learning curve and it is easier to learn as you play. Reading a long set of rules without trying the game will just confuse you. Anyways, a review shouldn't just be a restating of the rules. My suggestion is to strategize what order you want to take your role cards. As you can see, certain roles have a logical order. Obviously you need a building first to produce goods, then you need to trade the good to get more money to build more goods. The question is how do you want to do this? Do you want to go step by step? Or do you want to use certain roles repetitively and hold off on others? Well obviously part of this is based on your strategy, and the rest is based on your opponent's strategy. Remember, if they take the role you want before you do, you will still be able to participate in that action (except for the prospector role) but you will lose the bonus. The order people choose roles changes on every round.

As I stated earlier, at the end of the game your goal is to have the most victory points. This is accomplished by building the best buildings to meet your strategy. As you will see while playing there are certain times to build and certain times to wait, but in the end waiting too long could cost you. As the game goes on your choices will increase and make it easier to execute your strategies. This game will take on average fourty five minutes to an hour. It's a great strategy game and I strongly recommend it. It will run around $20-25 which may seem a bit high for a card game but based on the complexity of the game and the replay value I feel it's a very fair price.

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